10 reasons to STAY AWAY from cheap pepper spray

If you’re considering non-lethal self-defense weapons you’re probably going to end up looking for the best pepper spray for sale in South Africa. This is likely because you instinctively realize that if you’re going to fight back, there’s no room for error.

Imagine being violently attacked while in a shopping centre parking lot and trying to defend yourself using pepper spray you keep on your keyring only to find out that IT DOESN’T WORK! This is the worst possible situation you could find yourself in and is a very common occurrence.

About 3 to 4 out of every 10 pepper spray deployments fail! The main reason? Poorly manufactured products that aren’t tested, weak formulations that aren’t strong enough to stop an attack, and the use of expired products.

I’ve written an article that details everything you need to know about pepper spray but, in that article I didn’t discuss why the pepper sprays for sale in our shop are the best and why you should avoid any and all cheap products like your life depends on it – because it does!

Here’s why you should stay away from cheap pepper spray

  1. Up to 40% of pepper spray deployments fail and most of these are the cheap brands: Staring an attacker in the face while you realize your pepper spray has just failed is a situation no one should ever have to be in but, with cheap brands this is very likely to happen.
  2. Their formulations are weak: Producing a quality capsicum formulation that is powerful enough to stop an attacker costs money and the cheaper the pepper spray the lower the quality. Cheap brands contain weak formulation and, if you ever use it against an attacker, you may find that it doesn’t have the stopping power you thought it would.
  3. Their deployment mechanisms are prone to failing: In line with the previous reason to stay away from cheap pepper spray, their deployment mechanisms (like the formulations) are poorly designed, manufactured, and are prone to failure. Stats tell us that up to 40% of pepper spray deployments fail! This will put you in a very bad position if you’re face to face with an attacker.
  4. Once deployed, you can’t trust them to work again: While this may not be a make or break factor, once you use a cheap pepper spray on an attacker, you simply cannot trust that same canister to work again.
  5. They have poor safety features: Anyone who has a child will understand the importance of safety features. Cheap brands don’t have the best safety features and can be deployed accidentally by children or even uninformed people.
  6. They’re not easy to carry, hold, and deploy: The way a pepper spray canister is designed is important because it makes it easy to carry (on a keyring, with a clip, or in hand), fits well in your hand and can be deployed without it slipping or without any struggle. This is actually a point that many people don’t really think about but is so important. The more intuitive the design, the easier it will be for you to deploy when you need to.
  7. They can be accidentally deployed: Getting pepper sprayed is extremely painful (especially if it’s our SABRE products), but having an accidental discharge and subsequent exposure to the formulation will still hurt. Cheap pepper sprays have poor safety features and can easily be deployed accidentally.
  8. They can easily leak or spill: Whether it’s because of the poor materials used in the manufacturing process or bad designed, cheap pepper spray can leak and spill, damaging items and worse, getting on your skin and causing you pain.
  9. They’ve not been tested: This ties in with many of the other reasons listed here but cheap pepper sprays do not undergo the rigorous testing required to ensure the product is effective, safe, and stays within certain safety parameters.
  10. You’re putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation: Taking the risk to purchase and use a pepper spray that’s “cheap” puts you at great risk. I’d rather advise someone to avoid carrying or using a cheap pepper spray AT ALL than to risk trying to use it in a dangerous situation only to make it worse.

Without repeating any of the above points, please keep in mind that your personal safety and ability to defend yourself if you need to is invaluable. In conclusion, if you don’t want to invest the extra R100 or more that it would take to purchase a quality, suitable self defense product, don’t buy one at all, it’s as simple as that!

Now that we’ve gone through all the reasons that you should avoid cheap pepper spray, let’s take a looking at why you should choose our Sabre products instead!

10 reasons you should choose our SABRE pepper sprays and gels instead

  1. Sabre products undergo rigorous testing: Each Sabre product is tested under strict condition to ensure that it is strong, efficient, safe, and works intuitively during a real-life emergency.
  2. They feature safe twist lock and snaps clips: These safety features will prevent accidental discharge and have been tested and proved to be effective.
  3. They won’t leak or accidentally discharge: Many cheap pepper spray brands are poorly manufactured and leak or discharge accidentally. With Sabre you can rest assured that this simply won’t happen!
  4. The formulae is extremely powerful: Sabre’s pepper sprays and gels are extremely potent, up to double the strength of other brands and 67 times hotter than hot sauce!
  5. Guaranteed deployment: Due to the excellent design and rigorous testing, proper deployment during an emergency is guaranteed.
  6. Easy to carry, hold, and deploy: Forget clumsy and poorly designed canisters that are uncomfortable to carry and difficult to deploy, all Sabre’s products have been designed to be easy to carry, conceal, and deploy.
  7. A longer shelf-life: carrying and using expired pepper spray is a huge NO-NO and must be avoided at all costs. With our Sabre products you can enjoy a guaranteed 4-year shelf-life which is longer than other brands offer.
  8. Longer range: Our sprays and gels have a longer range than other brands which means you can successfully defend yourself from a greater distance with confidence. From 3 meters with our compact options to an incredible 7.6 meters offered by our home defense pepper gel, Sabre has you covered.
  9. Products offer multiple bursts, guaranteed: Sabre’s pepper sprays and gels contain up to 5 times more bursts than other brands which makes them ideal for use on multiple attackers and simply makes our products more efficient.
  10. Trust the product to be used again after being deployed: Sabre’s products can be trusted to function and deploy even after they’ve been used – they’ve been designed to actually deliver!

Looking for the ideal pepper spray for you? Head on over to our shop and browse through our range of pepper sprays and gels. They’re the highest quality products on the market and you can rely on them to deliver – time and time again!

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