With South Africa having one of the largest private security industries in the world, when it comes to finding a security company to protect your home and family there is no shortage of contenders.

I will discuss a few practical aspects that you need to consider when choosing a security company in South Africa below.

If you want to sign up to ADT, you can visit their website.

Is employing a security company worth it?

Many South Africans believe that when you employ the services of a security company you will become the victim of an “inside job”. While I will not debate this view I will simply address this concern by listing the pros and cons and let you decide for yourself.

Pros of using a security company

  • Deter criminals by allowing your security company to post a board outside your home
  • Benefit from fast armed response in the event that your alarm system or panic buttons are set off
  • Have a patrol unit ensure you or your family members arrive home safely when arriving late
  • Have a patrol unit ensure you leave your home safely in the morning
  • Younger children and teenagers can also benefit from a unit ensuring they arrive home safely from school
  • Have patrol units do safety checks when you’re having contractors over for work
  • Patrol units can check on your home while you’re away on holiday
  • Rent a complete alarm system with complete installation
  • Benefit from groundbreaking technology like the IDS X-Series, GPRS technology and remotely controlled smart devices
  • Make use of the additional services and products offered such as safety apps for smartphones
  • Connect CCTV’s, electric gates, motion-sensing beams, electric fencing and other security systems to your security company
  • Benefit from faster response times than typically encountered with the SAPS

Cons of using a security company

  • Burglaries may result from inside information from security company personnel divulging information
  • You have to carry the cost of the monthly instalment
  • Reliance on the SAPS to respond to emergencies

Inside jobs are mostly rumoured to occur during times when the homeowners are away on holiday. While I am not going to minimize the seriousness of a burglary, I want to emphasize that employing a security company will potentially protect you from many more serious crimes such as home invasions and armed robberies.

What to look for in a security company

When choosing a security company it is almost always best to opt for the company that has the most patrol vehicles and the highest presence in your area. While smaller companies may offer you better immediate service if they do not have sufficient patrol vehicles in the area they will not be able to offer you your money’s worth of service. In addition, fewer vehicles may mean fewer patrollers will be available to attend to an emergency at your home if they are busy on other calls or busy patrolling other customers’ homes which may be far away.

About ADT South Africa

ADT Fidelity is one of South Africa’s largest private security companies and has 36 branches across the country. They offer armed response, alarm installation and rental, CCTV systems, electric fencing, smoke alarms, a safety app for smart phones and a host of additional products and services.

ADT Alarm System Special

ADT offers you full installation and warranty of an 8-zone alarm system. This package consists of everything that you need to get your home’s security up to scratch. The 8-zone kit consists of a control panel, 3 passive infrared detectors, an LED keypad, a panic button, a transformer, a battery backup and a siren. This is a basic system and any additional requirements you may have will not be included in this package.

Here is a link to ADT’s home security sign-up page: 

You will need to fill in their “sign up” form and a representative from ADT will get in touch with you to discuss your needs and arrange for the installation and connection to ADT’s monitoring system.

Other ADT Packages on Offer

8 Zone System with Free Rental

ADT’s 8 zone system package

Thisis one of ADT’s most popular products it offers you a basic alarm system which is connected to ADT’s monitoring centre at no monthly cost in addition to your monthly subscription fee. It offers 3 motion sensors, a paic button, 2 door contacts and will be installed free of charge.

16 Zone System with a once-off fee an 24 month service agreement – Upgrade 1

ADT’s 16 zone package

The 16 zone system is the most appropriate for 3-5 bedroom homes. You need to pay a once-off fee for the system itself and will have to sign up with ADT for a period of 24 months.

32 Zone Wireless System  – Upgrade 2

ADT’s 32 zone wireless system

This system is the most comprehensive on offer by ADT. It offers a 16 zone panel, a 16 zone wireless expander, a 64 zone LED keypad, 3 wired and 3 wireless motion sensors, 2 wired door contacts and a panic button. As with their 16 zone system package, ADT requires the customer to sign a 24-month service agreement.

If you already have an alarm system but it is not connected to a security company, ADT offers a radio link option. They will send out their technicians to verify your alarm system and install the radio. You will have to sign a 24-month service agreement with ADT. ADT also offers custom products which may include remote arm and disarm kits, motion sensors and CCTV systems.

ADT FindU app for smartphones

adt patrollersThe ADT FindU app allows you to send a distress signal to both ADT and a list of personal contacts that you select should they need emergency assistance or feel nervous.

A patroller will be dispatched to your location to assist you. Not only does ADT send out a patroller to assist you but they can send medical assistance to your location should you need it.

You can set up a journey that you are taking and have both ADT and your personal contacts monitor your progress and ensure you get to your destination safely. Once you’ve arrived a notification will ask you whether you’ve arrived safely.

You can also record and upload a 5 to 10 second audio or video to the ADT FindU monitoring centre.

Sign up with ADT online

Regardless of where you live in South Africa, you can quickly and easily fill in the ADT sign up form on their official website and they will contact you to discuss your needs. You can also browse the ADT website and decide which specific security product or service is best for you and your family.

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  1. I requested ADT to send technician to do quote for installation till now no response. How do I be sure u will come during crisis

  2. While this system was installed in my house, i was told that after 5 years having installed it, it will be mine and all i will be paying for after that will be services only, but to date i am paying even more than i was paying when it was first installed….i am totally unhappy about this and considering cancellation as it is a rip off.

  3. Do you still think ons moet met ADT gaan??? Are these specials even still on offering?? Please tel me which company your recommending for Brakpan area

  4. I have asked for a quote from the adt team 2 weeks back I was told about the 799 special and then agents were sent they didn’t give me a written quote and changed the whole story about a the special with totally different prices I was unfairly treated

  5. Contact me on 072 189 6407 regarding the free connection of the Electric Fence to the existing ADT Monitoring subscription as per below details .

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    Many South Africans believe that when you employ the services of a security … Connect CCTV’s, electric gates, motion sensing beams, electric fencing and other … is connected to ADT’s monitoring centre at no monthly cost in addition to your …

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