outdoor security lights

Lighting for Outdoor Security and LED Floodlights

While doing massive security upgrades like installing a complete alarm system or electric fence are not affordable – installing outdoor lighting is. Whether you install simple LED floodlights or more complex Solar LED lights with motion sensing capabilities – it will significantly improve the safety and security of your home. I will even go so […]

crime statistics in south africa

Crime Statistics in South Africa

This article aims to give South Africans a basic understanding of crime statistics in South Africa. We will briefly look at how crime is classified, the different types of crime statistics, the shortfalls of official crime statistics and what the dark figure of crime actually is. It is my hope that in gaining a better […]

security system cctv

6 Reasons you Need a CCTV System at Home

CCTV systems play a big role in deterring, apprehending and prosecuting criminals in South Africa. While having a CCTV system may not always stop criminals, it certainly helps deter, and in some instances, prosecute and convict criminals. While CCTV systems were once reserved for businesses and very wealthy residential homes or apartments this is no […]

selling you home

Security and Safety Precautions when Selling your Home in South Africa

With so many property scams and attacks on real estate agents and homeowners safety when selling your home has come under the spotlight. Under normal circumstances you would not let any strangers into your home. Allowing people to have a look around your home increases the chances that your home will be targeted for crime. […]

Safety precautions when travelling to South Africa

This is a complete guide to the safety precautions you need to take when travelling to South Africa. It is intended to guide foreign students as well as tourists and business travelers. Whether you’ve enrolled at a flight academy to pursue your dreams of becoming a pilot or, are attending one of our many great […]

10 Safety and Security Precautions for People who Live Alone

Living on your own has countless numbers of perks but it also means that you have no one waiting for you to arrive home, no one to check to see if you’ve arrived home and no one to raise the alarm when you don’t arrive home or when something suspect is happening. It is therefore […]

Improve your Home Security with Light Timers

Light timers  are usually considered a convenient energy saving feature since you do not have to remember to turn the lights on and off but, in South Africa, they’re a necessity – particularly for anyone that takes frequent business trips or is going away on holiday. Essentially these timers, which can be either of the […]

security camera

Setting up a DIY CCTV System for your Home

In the modern era, technology keeps advancing and bringing potentially sci-fi-style capability to one’s home. Nowadays, what was positively Super Spy material a mere decade or two ago is not only a reality, but also a necessity in our crime riddled country. It is only a natural progression for the installation of a CCTV system […]

smash and grab South Africa

8 Tips to Avoid a Smash and Grab Incident

Most smash and grab incidents occur during peak traffic – between 06h00 and 08h00 and 16h00 and 20h00. Women are targeted much more frequently than men, usually because they tend to carry handbags and, have more “items of value” in their vehicles. They are also seen as easier victims since they are unlikely to be able […]

transparent burglar bars for residential use

Polycarbonate Transparent Burglar Bars

With all the security measures that South Africans take to protect their homes – a beautiful piece of architecture can go from elegant and picturesque to a prison-like fortress. Are you tired of feeling like your home is a prison? Well now you can replace those ominous metal burglar bars with something that’s just as […]