security camera

Setting up a DIY CCTV System for your Home

In the modern era, technology keeps advancing and bringing potentially sci-fi-style capability to one’s home. Nowadays, what was positively Super Spy material a mere decade or two ago is not only a reality, but also a necessity in our crime riddled country. It is only a natural progression for the installation of a CCTV system […]

smash and grab South Africa

8 Tips to Avoid a Smash and Grab Incident

Most smash and grab incidents occur during peak traffic – between 06h00 and 08h00 and 16h00 and 20h00. Women are targeted much more frequently than men, usually because they tend to carry handbags and, have more “items of value” in their vehicles. They are also seen as easier victims since they are unlikely to be able […]

transparent burglar bars for residential use

Polycarbonate Transparent Burglar Bars

With all the security measures that South Africans take to protect their homes – a beautiful piece of architecture can go from elegant and picturesque to a prison-like fortress. Are you tired of feeling like your home is a prison? Well now you can replace those ominous metal burglar bars with something that’s just as […]

Electric Fencing for Residential Homes in South Africa

Did you know? Not all of the wires on your electric fence are “live” – they alternate between live and earth – which is critical to ensuring the fence can actually cause an electric shock and detect the lifting or tampering of wires. Electric fence installation in South Africa Electric fencing can easily be considered […]

Emergency Contact Numbers

South African Emergency Numbers Police : 10111 Toll-free cell phone emergency (police, ambulance and fire) : 112 Ambulance :10177 Private Ambulance Services: ER24 : 084 124 Netcare 911 : 082 911 Accident/Recovery Towing: Towing: 0861-072-872 Stolen Phone Sim + Phone Block Cell C : 084-140 MTN : 083-1-173 Vodacom : 083-1-173 Stolen Card Cancellations: FNB […]

9 Security Precautions and Tips for your Garden

Demand lighting Lighting is extremely important – robbers and burglars would prefer to do their work in the shadows where there is little to no chance of them being spotted. Dark corners and areas are simply dangerous and must be sorted out as a matter of urgency. An LED floodlight that is installed in the […]

Pepper Spray – Everything you Need to Know

Pepper spray is a non-lethal irritant that is scientifically referred to as Oleoresin Capsicum. Caspian is the primary irritant in pepper spray and,  is extracted from – you guessed it – red hot chilli peppers! It’s also used in creams and gels to relieve joint and muscle pain although, our very famous Deep Heat and […]

7 ways to protect your home in South Africa

From burglaries to armed robberies and home invasions – perimeter security is your first line of defence and should be treated as such. In this article we’ll discuss 7 ways to protect your home with a focus on outdoor home security.  #1 Electric Fencing Electric fencing is a must for any residential property since without […]

home invasion in South Africa

How to Avoid a Home Invasion

With over 200,000 cases of “common robbery” and “robbery with aggravating circumstances” having been reported across the country in 2017 alone, home invasions are a stark and unfortunate reality for all South Africans. Many home invasions are not reported to the police – mainly because the victims are of the view that it would not […]