10 reasons to STAY AWAY from cheap pepper spray

If you’re considering non-lethal self-defense weapons you’re probably going to end up looking for the best pepper spray for sale in South Africa. This is likely because you instinctively realize that if you’re going to fight back, there’s no room for error. Imagine being violently attacked while in a shopping centre parking lot and trying […]

outdoor security lights

Lighting for Outdoor Security and LED Floodlights

While doing massive security upgrades like installing a complete alarm system or electric fence are not affordable – installing outdoor lighting is. Whether you install simple LED floodlights or more complex Solar LED lights with motion sensing capabilities – it will significantly improve the safety and security of your home. I will even go so […]

crime statistics in south africa

Crime Statistics in South Africa

This article aims to give South Africans a basic understanding of crime statistics in South Africa. We will briefly look at how crime is classified, the different types of crime statistics, the shortfalls of official crime statistics and what the dark figure of crime actually is. It is my hope that in gaining a better […]

Electric Fencing for Residential Homes in South Africa

Did you know? Not all of the wires on your electric fence are “live” – they alternate between live and earth – which is critical to ensuring the fence can actually cause an electric shock and detect the lifting or tampering of wires. Electric fence installation in South Africa Electric fencing can easily be considered […]

Emergency Contact Numbers

South African Emergency Numbers Police : 10111 Toll-free cell phone emergency (police, ambulance and fire) : 112 Ambulance :10177 Private Ambulance Services: ER24 : 084 124 Netcare 911 : 082 911 Accident/Recovery Towing: Towing: 0861-072-872 Stolen Phone Sim + Phone Block Cell C : 084-140 MTN : 083-1-173 Vodacom : 083-1-173 Stolen Card Cancellations: FNB […]

9 Security Precautions and Tips for your Garden

Demand lighting Lighting is extremely important – robbers and burglars would prefer to do their work in the shadows where there is little to no chance of them being spotted. Dark corners and areas are simply dangerous and must be sorted out as a matter of urgency. An LED floodlight that is installed in the […]