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I’m going to run through my favourite garage storage ideas to help you get your garage organised, tidy, and secure.

One of the home security tips I often mention in this blog is keeping your garage organised. People are usually confused as to how this relates to security.

But it’s quite simple.

For starters, burglars very often access home through poorly secured garages and use the very tools they find inside to break into the home. Secondly, when you have expensive tools and equipment laying out in the open, this could attract criminals.

It’s also extremely difficult to notice something’s missing when your garage is disorganised and things don’t have a proper space.

So how do we fix this?

One of the best ways to sort out an untidy garage and boost your home security is to install proper garage storage.

To organise your garage you can use shelving, cabinets, work benches, rails, hooks, and panels. In this post, I’ll show you some of my favourite garage storage products and accessories and tell you how to best use them to boost home security.

Where can you buy garage storage solutions?

My favourite garage storage solutions are sold by the Garage Guys who basically sell a host of wooden shelving products and accessories. I have also added one link to the online store Want it All.

Why the Garage GUYS?

Apart from the fact that they offer top-notch quality, strength, and durability their shelving is customisable so, you can have it installed from wall to wall in just about any configuration and space.

But that’s not all.

They also offer DIY options for those who are good with their hands and up for the challenge. So if you want to do it alone, you can order the shelving online and have it delivered within two to three days.

I have used affiliate links in the article below but, of course, purchasing items using these links will be done at no extra cost to you. I will just receive a small commission. I thank you and appreciate the support!

#1: Install garage storage tracks and hooks

garage storage tracks and hooks

If you do only one thing to get your garage organised, installing a track and hook set should be it. It’s affordable, easy to install, versatile and can make the biggest difference to your garage space.

The track is galvanised and powder coated so you don’t have to worry about rust and damage and the hooks are conveniently made out of mild steel so you know they’ll take some serious weight.

What you can hang:

  • Bicycles, helmets, and cycling gear
  • Hosepipes and cables
  • Tennis trackers, skateboards, and any sporting gear
  • Tools including spades, rakes, brooms, and forks
  • Weed eaters, leafblowers, and other electrical tools and equipment

The set includes two tracks, two short utility hooks for garden tools, a round utility hook for cables and pipes, and one short hook and one cup hook ideal for cables and pipes or hoses.

Need to add more hooks? No problem, buy extra hooks and slide them into place as needed.

Where to buy: Garage Guys 2 x track and hooks

Security tip: try to hang the tracks and hooks in a spot that is not visible from the street, if at all possible.

#2: Garage storage for ceiling

garage storage for ceilings

As you may have noted from my previous tip, I always advise homeowners to try, as far as possible and keep their valuable tools and gear out of sight. This means that it should not be easily visible from the street or from outside of your home.

And this is how you can do it if you don’t have space.

I absolutely love the ceiling storage solution from the Garage Guys. You not only make use of the often forgotten vertical space in your garage but you can keep valuables out of sight.

Technical details: Ceiling storage dimensions are 900mm x 2000mm x 400mm and is made of wood with a steel brace

The only limit to this is that this product can only be installed on cement or solid ceilings.

Where to buy: Ceiling garage storage

Security tip: Store your valuable items out of sight by installing the ceiling storage units above your garage doors.

#3: DIY garage storage shelving (3 bays)

garage storage solutions 3 bay shelves

If you have old, ugly shelving or just don’t have enough, these 3-bay garage storage shelves are ideal. With five shelves, you can store just about anything. You can also use storage bins and boxes to get things extra organised and make sure that your valuables are not seen from outside your home.

Three bay shelving heights: 2.1m, 2.4m, and 2.7m

In addition to 3-bay storage shelves and various heights, the Garage Guys also offer one to ten bays. These are customisable and you can have three bays on the back wall of your garage and the remainder on the left or right walls.

Isn’t this level of flexibility incredible?

Where to buy: the 3-bay shelving solution

Security tip: Place your most valuable items along the left and right walls rather than the far wall to ensure they’re not visible from outside.

#4: Pegboard with three shelves

pegboard for garage storage

Remember what I said about not benign able to notice when things are missing from your garage if they don’t have a set place? Well, with this pegboard and workbench or shelving solution you won’t have that issue any longer.

This is great not because I think peg boards are great for organising a garage but because you can add multiple stations across an entire wall, depending on the size of your tool collection. With a length of 906mm per station, three or four, depending on the size of the room would help you put your dream workshop together.

Security tip: But, isn’t displaying tools a security risk?

Yes, but, if you’re going to have tools anywhere in the garage, I’d prefer you install them on the wall least visible from the street.

Where to buy: pegboard garage storage

#5: Plastic lug boxes

lug boxes

With all these great garage shelving products from the Garage Guys, we need to throw some storage bins, or in this case, lug boxes, into the mix. These will take your garage organisation to the next level and minimise any possibility of your valuables being seen from outside.

It also makes it harder for burglars to ransack your garage and find the tools they need to break into your home.

Why lug boxes and not storage bins? Simply because we all know just how inconvenient it is to have to drag a big storage bin out to lift the lid and get your stuff. With lug boxes, you get all the storage power with a handle and easy access. They also conveniently fit onto the shelves sold by Garage Guys and can even be stacked on top of one another. They have a 40-litre capacity.

Where to buy: plastic lug boxes

If you can get used lug boxes and reuse them rather than buy new ones, you’re not just an organised king or queen but a hero!

Security tip: No tip here! If you store your valuables in lug boxes and bins, criminals will have less to see and less motivation to target your home.

#6: Wooden workbench

This is probably the only item on this list that I’ve added because of its functionality over and above the storage capabilities.

No home workshop or garage space is truly complete without a workbench. Not only will you have space to store tools on the bottom shelf but adding this to your garage space gives you the space to work to ensure other spaces are kept tidy. Workbenches are functional.

Technical specifications: This workbench can carry a whopping 100kgs worth of weight. Dimensions are 1800mm in length and 900mm in height with a depth of 520mm. What makes this workbench great is that it can be treated and painted as per your individual preferences.

I particularly like non-invasive garage storage shelving and recommend you paint your bench the same colour as your garage walls, white in my case.

Security tip: I don’t have a particular security tip, I recommend that you don’t leave tools and machinery out on your workbench as this can attract opportunistic criminals.

Where to buy: Wooden workbench

#7: Heavy duty ladder hooks

Garden security is often overlooked but extremely important. Apart from accessing a home through the garage, ladders many times offer criminals easy access to windows, balconies and roofs.

This is why it’s critical to ensure that you keep ladders stored in your garage, workshop, shed, or anywhere out of sight. A great way to store your ladders is on the wall usign a heavy duty hook.

The one I have linked below is powder coated so you don;t have to worry about rust. It can be easily mounted with screws and is versatile so you can hang other items and tools.

Not only is keeping your ladder stored securely a good way to improve home security but storing it against the wall will save you a great deal of space.

Security tip: ladders should always be stored indoors and out of sight. Criminals often make use of ladders left outdoors to break into a property.

Where to buy: ladder hooks at Want it All

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