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While hardwired CCTV cameras will set you back a couple thousand, WiFi security cameras are cheap, easy to install and, can instantly boost your home security. These nifty little gadgets are ideal for any indoor application and don’t need any complex DVRs or NVRs, cables or monitor setups.

Since they come with PIR motion sensing capabilities, any movement in the room it is in will trigger the camera and send a notification to your Smart phone. Many of these mini spy cameras come with two-way so you’ll be able to hear what’s going on and speak to anyone within earshot of the device.

Typical indoor camera specs

  • 720P to 1080P resolution
  • Infrared night vision capabilities
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Two-way audio
  • Onboard micro SD memory for storage
  • Pan and tilt abilities
  • Remote zoom functionality

How wireless mini spy cameras work

The WiFi camera works just like a webcam and can be placed anywhere since it is completely wireless. You can download the camera app from your Google Playstore or iStore and then switch your camera on and add it on your app. When you want to view the live feed from your camera you can open the application and select the device.

This will enable your camera to connect to your home WiFi network and therefore be able to send and receive data in real time when you’re not home. Once you’ve set your camera up you can install or mount it in a more permanent location.

Where to buy WiFi security cameras online

Since these WiFi security cameras are in high demand, many online home and DIY stores are well as many large security outlets stock them. You can find them in any shape and size, resolution and design and prices range from really cheap to high-end stuff that will cost your thousands. The quality of camera that you opt for should be based on what you intend to use the camera for.

If you’re using it to keep an eye on your kids, two-way audio is important so that you can hear and speak when necessary. If you’re looking to see detailed images and zoom in and out, get the 1080P as the HD resolution will offer a clearer picture. Most wireless security cameras come standard with PIR sensors and night vision.

I have written a post reviewing the best WiFi IP cameras for security in South Africa which you can check out should if you need a little bit of help finding the best option for your home.

Wireless vs hardwired security cameras

security cameraWireless mini spy cameras are ideal for indoor use only since they need to be charged regularly and are not weatherproofed. For outdoor security cameras, you’ll need to choose the more sturdy hardwired cameras. These do not really on a strong internet connection and will not lag or suffer from the connectivity issues their wireless counterparts do.

Whether you want to improve your home security in general or are trying to find the culprit of regular theft in your home, WiFi security cameras are the way to do it on a budget. They’re easy to set up and they come with a long list of great features you’ll love.

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