7 super useful loadshedding essentials for South Africans

As South Africans, we’ve had to overcome a lot and as we continue to overcome challenges and fight the many battles we’re presented with we have to face the reality of our daily lives with grace and one such ongoing battle is loadshedding.

Whether you’re a business owner, student, or parent – you know that load shedding can not only get in the way of everyday life but also affect your home security and safety. In this post, I’m going to go through 7 items that I believe are absolutely load-shedding essentials for both general utility and security.

One of the best things you can have as a homeowner is a generator. It will give you just enough power to get by during load shedding but since it’s quite an obvious loadshedding essential I’ve not included it.

What’s important to you during loadshedding?

The list below is relevant to me because of where I live, my work, and my habits and needs. I’m often on my computer writings blog posts or working so, for example, a UPS is really important for me. If you’re usually on your laptop or don’t have a home WiFi connection a UPS won’t be very useful to you.

I’ve simply listed the items that I know I could not or wouldn’t want to be without when loadshedding comes around or there are long, unexpected power cuts.

  1. A gas stove

silver gas stove for use during loadsheddingThis is an obvious one but many people still rely on their electric stoves and are left frustrated when they can’t heat up some leftovers or make a cup of coffee during load shedding. Do yourself and your family a big favour and make sure you have a gas stove and a gas cylinder at the ready.

If you want you can also purchase a gas heater to help make the winters more bearable – just make sure you maintain a decent amount of ventilation in the room while it’s on.

Where to buy: Takealot Alva gas two plate

  1. WiFi and computer UPS

mecer ups for a pc for loadsheddingHave you ever been working on your computer only to be struck with an unexpected power outage? Well a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is a device that will allow your PC to stay up and running during loadshedding. It will provide power for a couple of hours (usually up to 4) to give you enough time to not only save your work but even finish it.

Where to buy: Takealot WiFi UPS

You can even buy a UPS for your WiFi router to make sure that you and your whole family can enjoy WiFi when the power is out. A typical router UPS will also deliver around 4 hours of power and is fairly inexpensive.

Where to buy: Takealot PC UPS

  1. Solar LED floodlight

You may have read my post about LED floodlights where I discussed everything you need to know about choosing and installing them as well as the post where I listed my top 5 picks. While the solar-powered LED floodlights aren’t always the strongest (or the cheapest), they’re great for load shedding because they can keep the risky areas lit up.

I also generally prefer the motion-sensing solar LED because it provides you with that added layer of security (in that it can help pick up movement outside). Ideal placement areas include above your sliding or swing gate, above your garages, in your back garden, around your entertainment area and tool shed, as well as any other outbuilding or dark areas.

Where to buy: Futurelight LED

  1. One or two 5W rechargeable bulbs

loashedding smart bulbSo these are basically just like regular bulbs but, when the power goes out – you guessed it – they stay on. Loadshedding generally lasts anywhere between 2 and 4 hours so these rechargeable bulbs that last 10 hours are fantastic.

Simply screw them in like a regular bulb and then when the power goes out the battery will kick in and you’ll still have light. I have one of these bulbs in my bathroom, one in my living room, and two in my study where I generally read during loadshedding.

Where to buy: Futurelight rechargeable lights

  1. A power bank

black solar powered power bankThe benefits of having a power bank, whether or not you’re dealing with load shedding, are obvious. You can keep your mobile phone and other devices charged and make sure you’re able to communicate with loved ones and call for help in the event of an emergency.

I personally think that if you choose a power bank you should get a good one that can give you more than one full mobile phone charge. Power banks usually offer 10000mAh, 20000mAh, or 30000mAh (which is my personal favourite) and the one that I recommend.

Where to buy: SOLAR 10000mAh

Where to buy: 20000mAh power bank

Where to buy: 30000mAh power bank

  1. A rechargeable tactile torch

black Energizer taser and torchEven if you have a work light, there are good reasons to also have a torch around. It’s easier to carry around and more portable and is just a household necessity. That said, having a rechargeable light is great because you don’t have to worry about batteries and, to add a little more security and peace of mind why not get a tactile torch.

Tactile torches simply add a taser to a regular rechargeable torch and give you a little more protection and peace of mind. I keep mine in my vehicle within reach but you can simply keep yours at home in a draw or on a shelf where you can easily grab it if needed.

Where to buy: Rechargeable tactile torch

  1. LED work light

loadshedding work lightThere’s nothing worse than having something important to take care of, whether inside or outside, in the dark and not having a powerful light to work with. I don’t use this particular work light but it’s pretty similar to mine which I’ve had for years.

The Magneto emergency light which also has a decent battery life and emits a strong light is also very popular and you can buy it here.

Make sure you get into the habit of keeping it fully changed too, as having a dead work light is probably more frustrating than having no light at all!

Where to buy: LED work light

What did you think about my list of load shedding essentials? Do you think I’ve left any important items and tools out? Let me know in the comments sections below!

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