Pepper spray for self-defence on campus

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Whether you’re living on or off campus, personal safety shouldn’t just be an afterthought. Your years at university will be filled with learning, laughter, and self-discovery however, with the crime rate in South Africa being appallingly high, a great deal of risk too.

Using a self-defence product can help you disorientate, stun, or temporarily disable an attacker long enough for you to escape. In this post we’ll be discussing the use of pepper spray for self-defence on campus.

General safety and self-defence on campus tips

sabre red self-defence pepper spray canisterThe first rule of self-defence on campus is that you should always be aware of your surroundings. Keep your eyes open and your guard up. If possible, don’t go out on your own, groups are less likely to be targeted.

Using pepper spray as a deterrent can make a world of difference. Preventing a mugging, assault or rape by temporarily disabling your attacker before they can get close to you is the aim of these products.

But first, let’s review some general safety considerations.

The abuse of drugs or alcohol plays a large roll in violent crimes. Avoid places on and off campus where people are drinking excessively.  If you can’t avoid them, make sure you’re with a friend or group, and carry your pepper spray to ensure you’re ready for anything.

Do the responsible thing, report all crimes on campus to both the security agency and the police. Being a victim of violent crimes, including rape and sexual assault, increases the likelihood that you will be targeted again. You can prevent this by reporting these crimes so that the perpetrator can be dealt with by the relevant authorities.

Pepper spray is an excellent self-defence tool, but it’s only useful if you carry it with you everywhere you go and know how to use it. For students on and off campus, the quick release key chain pepper spray is the perfect accessory!  You will always have your keys, and it will help you get used to the weight of the pepper spray canister.

Using pepper spray for self-defence

Caspian is the main ingredient in the non-lethal concoction known as pepper spray.  When sprayed in the eyes of an attacker, it will cause severe irritation of the eyes, sinuses, and throat. While your attacker is having trouble breathing or opening his/her eyes, you will have the time to get to safety.

You should practice using your pepper spray until you’re confident you could use it in a high-stress situation. Using a practice pepper spray canister for this will help you build confidence without any chance of painful mistakes.

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10 reasons you should use pepper spray for self-defence on campus

  1. To help raise campus safety awareness

Carrying pepper spray on your keyring allows your friends to comment on it and ask questions.  You can explain the reasons you take it with you everywhere you go, and encourage them to make safer choices.  Show them how to use it for self-defence and to be weary in high crime areas.  Share with your friends the importance of working with campus security to make it a safer place.

  1. It’ll increase your self-confidence.

Knowing you can defend yourself in a dangerous situation will increase your confidence. Predators target the insecure and those they see as weak. Walking with a confident posture and being aware of everything around you gives the impression that you are not a good target. Prevention is much better than cure.

  1. To prevent an attacker from getting within arms reach

Avoid getting into a physical altercation with your attacker if possible. Depending on the product you buy, pepper spray has a range of about 3 meters. This gives you enough space to spray them from ear to ear and get away before they can lay a hand on you. Run to safety and report the incident.

  1. It’s legal and non-lethal.

While pepper spray can cause excruciating pain and make breathing difficult, it’s not a lethal substance.  In South Africa, you don’t need a licence to carry it. Used against a person who intends to harm, you will not result in any legal actions.  You must use it responsibly though, or you might be charged with a crime if you use it on a person who is not a threat to your safety.

  1. Pepper spray canisters are easy to conceal

pepper spray pen for self-defence These canisters are lightweight and can be hidden in a pocket or up your sleeve. Carrying pepper spray in a belt holster or on a clip will keep it in reach under your T-shirt.  When in a shop or classroom, you may not want to flash it around.   Choose a pepper spray canister that fits comfortably in your curled fist with your thumb on the trigger.

  1. Learning to use it’s easy

Instructive videos on YouTube will explain the best way to use pepper spray.  Pointing the opening at the attacker and pressing the trigger is the gist of it.  You do need to train yourself to know when you need to use it and how to make it an instinctive action.  You can teach yourself to automatically reach for your pepper spray in high-stress situations so that you’ll always be prepared.

  1. If you have to go alone, you can defend yourself.

You’re safest when you move around in a group. This isn’t always possible in a student’s life especially if you live alone. Having pepper spray when you work late into the night or have to cross a deserted park is an excellent way to defend yourself.  Being able to physically protect yourself is a good skill to have, but it’s better by far to get away from your attacker before it comes to blows.

  1. It can be used to deter more than one attacker

Your pepper spray canister can be sprayed in +-25 bursts depending on the product you buy. Because you have a range of about 3-4 meters, it’s possible to use on more than one attacker. Pepper spray will cause them to close their eyes instinctively even if you don’t manage to spray it directly into their eyes.

  1. An attacker can’t turn it against you

Pepper spray should be held in your fist with your thumb on the trigger. For your attacker to take control of it, they would have to grab your wrist. By the time they get that close, you should have given them enough of a dose to force them to stumble away from you.

  1. Our pepper spray only needs to be replaced 4 years after the manufacturing date.

Pepper spray is ready to go right out of the box. No batteries to recharge, and the best brands never fail. The spray is viable for 4 years after the date of manufacture. Replace your pepper spray when it reaches the expiry date to make sure you have a highly useful tool that won’t fail you.

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Top pepper sprays for self-defence on campus

  1. Black campus pepper gel with quick release keyringBlack campus pepper gel with quick release keyring

The campus pepper gel will not blowback towards you when deployed.  It contains an ultraviolet dye that makes it possible to identify an attacker tagged by the pepper gel. It offers you 25 bursts and is accurate to up to 4 meters. This product is rated highly by law enforcement all over the world.

  1. Black SABRE RED pepper spray key chain with quick release keyring

The twist lock will ensure that this device will not accidentally discharge.  The durable case and quick release keychain make it easy to access. You will have 25 bursts at a range of 3 meters.  The powerful stream ensures accuracy and lowers the risk of blowback.

  1. Lipstick pepper spray by SaberLipstick pepper spray by Saber for self-defence

Lispstick pepper spray is disguised as lipstick is perfect for a girls night out. 10 burst of pepper spray are packed into this little canister, and can accurately hit a target within 3 meters. This product contains pepper gel and won’t blowback or fail to deploy.  It comes with a cap to make sure it’s not accidentally discharged or blowback.

  1. Pink pepper spray keyringPink pepper spray keyring for self-defence

The pink pepper spray with keyring will give you up to 25 bursts that will be accurate within 3 meters. A powerful stream gives you more accuracy. It doubles as a pretty keyring. UV dye is added to this pepper spray to make it easier to identify your attacker with the right light.

  1. 3 in 1 car escape tool with pepper gel, seatbelt cutter, & window breaker3 in 1 car escape tool with pepper gel, seatbelt cutter, & window breaker for self-defence

This must-have 3-in-1 car escape tool is compact and easy to use. You will have up to 35 bursts of pepper gel that will be accurate within 4 meters.

The seatbelt cutter and stainless steel window breaker attached to the pepper gel canister will enable you to get out of a car in a hurry. If you drive a lot be sure to check out out article about how to avoid a smash-and-grab incident.

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