Transform your home by upgrading to clear burglar bars

With some of the highest crime rates in the world, South Africans are forced to spend hundreds of thousands of Rands on home security. Apart from the financial burden, we’re forced to live in fortresses clad with iron bars from top to bottom. So when newer, less obstructive options hit the market, many of us are keen to give them a try.

One such option is to trade your old, rusty iron bars with clear burglar bars. What are these? They’re transparent burglar bars made from polycarbonate.

This is a strong material that is used to manufacture bulletproof glass and airplane windows and, unlike plastic and Perspex – it will not easily break, bend or snap.

Can modern homes do without burglar bars?

From regular home owners to those running BnBs in some of South Africa’s most beautiful holiday locations – people always want to know if they really need burglar bars. I always tell them that while they may have never had a single burglary or incident on their properties, it really only takes one to change everything.

While we all need to ensure we put in as many layers of security as is necessary to keep us safe, you can’t simply rely on your CCTV system or your outdoor security beams. Burglars and criminals know that windows and balcony doors are the easiest point of access into a property.

Even the latest aluminium frames can let you down since criminals can pry the window out of the frame with a crowbar or similar tool.

Whether you’re living in crime riddle Joburg or have a beachfront property in Durban, you need to implement several layers of security to keep yourself and your family safe.

What do I mean by security layers?

  1. Perimeter fencing or walls
  2. Electric fencing
  3. A sliding or swing gate with a gate motor
  4. CCTV systems
  5. Intercom systems if you cannot see your gate and driveways from indoors
  6. Outdoor LED floodlights (preferably on-demand and solar powered LED floodlights)
  7. Indoor Smart lights or light timers
  8. Strong locks on all doors and gates
  9. Security gates
  10. Burglar bars on ALL WINDOWS – including upstairs windows
  11. Outdoor security beams
  12. A complete home alarm system, with PIR eyes and window and door magnet sensors
  13. A connection to a local security company
  14. A connection or membership to a local community policing forum or group
  15. Indoor self-defense systems which may include self-defense weapons or a safe room

Why choose transparent burglar bars?

transparent burglar bars for residential useThe obvious reason to choose transparent polycarbonate burglar bars is that it will improve the look of your home from both the inside and outside but, there are many other benefits.

Transparent bars allow much more natural light to enter your home which will make it look and feel more spacious. It also ensures your gorgeous seaside, dam, veld, mountain or backyard view isn’t obstructed.

Polycarbonate burglar bars are basically impact proof and can be cut to suit small and large windows regardless of what their frames are made out of or of their shape. This gives you the freedom to enjoy your home from both the inside and out by completely eliminating the prison “look and feel” so common to South African homes.

Downsides of transparent burglar bars

One of the most obvious downsides is that it won’t be apparent to burglars that there are burglar bars on the windows. This removes that “clear barrier” that may deter criminals. While polycarbonate burglar bars are really strong, sawing and hacking into the material or weakening the material with fire is possible. Just as with iron bars, if criminals are intent on breaking in, they will use force and have the patience to do so.

South Africa’s leading transparent burglar bar manufacturers and suppliers

  • BoardPro Interiors
  • MagnadorR
  • MultiSafe ClearBarsTM
  • Sheergaurd
  • Thorne
  • Trellidor’s Clear Guard
  • ViewProtect

Need a quote on stunning high quality clear burglar bars?

I always advise readers to get 2 or 3 quotes on any service before making a choice but, after considering many of the country’s top manufacturers and suppliers, I certainly have my favourites and can help you. If you’d like help and want to get a quote from a professional company, pop us an email (or fill out our contact form) and I’ll quickly get back to you! You can also pop a text or Whatsapp with your name and suburb to 0847024743!

Got clear burglar bars installed on your windows? Let us know which company you used, how you found there services and overall finish in the comments section below!

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