Dome vs bullet cameras – which is better?

When it comes to security cameras, one of the most common questions people have is “what’s the difference between dome and bullet cameras?”.

The simple answer is that the only difference between the two is their casings or exteriors. That being said, sometimes a bullet camera can offer benefits that are not specification-related that a dome camera can’t and vice versa.

Compare cameras based on their specs

When you compare security cameras, you should consider their specifications as well as whether it’s a bullet or dome camera. Important specs to consider is the resolution offered, the angle of the camera, the range, frames per second, and other important features. If you know what specs are important to you, you’ll find both dome and bullet cameras that will offer them.

When you should rather use a dome camera

dome camera on a poleDome cameras are more compact, less conspicuous, and harder to tamper with. This makes them ideal for a wide range of security applications that will offer you more advantages than their bullet counterparts.

You know those action movies where someone points the security camera to the wall so they can’t be seen? Those are bullet cameras and, that would never happen with a dome camera. It’s very difficult to physically tamer with a dome camera because they’re really hard to grab onto. This makes them great for areas where vandals and criminals may try to push your cameras to the side or grab onto them and pull them off.

Dome cameras are also a little “neater”. This makes them less obvious and great for placement in offices or in your garage, lounge, or kitchen without making it distasteful.

When a bullet camera is the better option

bullet security cameraBullet cameras sometimes have better long-range or night vision than their dome counterparts making them an excellent option for outdoor security applications. They’re also a little more obvious which can be a good crime deterrent. Bullet cameras are also a better option for certain constrained or limited areas like corners and walls rather than ceilings.

Many people prefer bullet cameras for outdoor security but, there are times when dome cameras simply make more sense since they can’t be torn out of walls and ceilings as easily and, are not as visible. Also, remember that some dome cameras that cannot be adjusted laterally will limit your camera angle. In such cases opt for the bullet camera instead.

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