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The Ring security camera can provide a crucial layer of security in and around your home.

Rings products allow you to see key areas of your home and improve home security. From their video doorbell to floodlights or spotlight cameras in the house, you can now monitor your home 24/7 with some of this company’s latest products.

About the company that makes Ring security cameras

Ring LCC was founded as Doorbot in 2013 by Jamie Siminoff. Today they’re a smart home security company owned by Amazon with headquarters in Santa Monica, USA.

They make home security products and also have an app, called Neighbours. This app is used to share the footage with other users. Ring will also provide footage to law enforcement on request.

Today we’re going to take a look at the ring security cameras available. These are the different options available to you, the South African homeowner.

Types of Ring security cameras available

Ring offers a range of indoor and outdoor security cameras. These allow you to view your home and garden at all times from your phone, tablet, or PC.

This is done using the Ring app and two-way talk allows you to talk to anybody who comes to your home. You’ll be sent notifications when movement is detected. This can be set to ignore cars or pets.

Which Ring security camera is right for you?

#1: Floodlight Cam Wired PRO R4,999.00 (outdoor with lights)

Ring security camera floodlight

This premium floodlight camera comes hardwired so you get reliable protection. The camera includes advanced motion detection settings that allow you to see where people are on your property.

It has a video with HDR or High Dynamic Range, which works by combining multiple images taken at different exposures and combining them for an ultra-realistic appearance.

This camera also offers powerful LED ( or Light Emitting Diode) rays of light and a security siren. You’ll clearly see anything that takes place and have that extra sense of security.

The camera also has 2 kinds of motion detectors, passive infrared sensors which control your floodlights and are more sensitive to the body heat of people or animals moving through your garden.

The advanced motion detector is the sensor (including human detection features) that allows configuring to only send you alerts when people are detected. This camera also has a bird’s eye view, allowing you to spot where a movement begins with an aerial map view.

This is the only motion-activated camera in the world with built-in floodlights, two-way radio, and a siren. It allows you to see, hear and talk to anybody entering your property from wherever you are. It needs existing wiring for a power supply. We strongly suggest you have a professional installation by a licensed electrician.

#2: Floodlight Cam Wired Plus R3,599.00 (this is an outdoor camera with lights)

This camera is also hardwired. It offers outdoor protection and has advanced motion detection, during the day and at night. It was intended for bigger areas of the home, like gardens and driveways.

This camera has a remotely activated security siren feature and LED floodlights to protect you when you need it, and provide visibility at night.

It has customisable motion zones that let you focus security in the most critical areas Existing wiring is required for a power supply. Ideally installed by a professional.

Your versatile eyes and ears anywhere at home from wherever you are.

#3: Stick Up Cam Plugin R1,999.00 (indoor and outdoor)

This camera is versatile as it is weather-resistant and has four different power choices, battery, plugin, power over ethernet, and solar. We recommend battery or solar with the current load-shedding.

The camera is motion-activated, can be installed in minutes, and plugs into a standard power outlet. It can be placed on a flat surface or wall-mounted.

This ring security camera has HD video ( 1080 – 1920 x 1080 pixels ) and two-way talk, allowing you to talk to visitors or warn intruders the police have been called. It’s suitable for indoors or outdoors and has a removable battery pack, night vision, and motion-activated notifications. Easy installation and can go almost anywhere you might need it.

Small but mighty.

#4: Indoors Cam R999.00

This compact yet powerful camera has all the features for you to stay connected to your home – HD video, motion-activated notifications, and two-way talk. This nifty camera is small enough to fit into the tiniest space. Plug in power, and night vision, and is easy to install.


#5: Spotlight Cam Battery R3,699.00

This camera comes with a wire-free design and installs anywhere. It has a quick-release battery pack that lets you recharge it without being moved. It includes one rechargeable battery pack, live view, on-demand video, and audio with noise cancellation. It’s also compatible with Android, iOs, Mac, and Windows 10.

It has advanced motion detection, an adjustable motion zone, and a remote-operated 110-decibel alarm- as loud as a power saw or jackhammer. This ring security camera has a 140-degree field-of-view, more than the human eye.

About the Neighbours app

This app lets users discuss public safety and crime issues in their community anonymously. It integrates with Ring’s smart doorbell and security cameras. This allows you to share clips and photos along with your posts.

Connect a security ring

You can link Ring devices with indoor cameras to the app so your security operates better together. You can control them from your tablet or phone. It works with Alexa, but not as well as Google Home. With Alexa however, you can monitor your home hands-free with selected Alexa devices.

Never miss a welcome guest

You can open your doors straight from the app and with the Indoor Cam ring security camera you can see who it is and let them in from the Ring app with certain smart door locks like Schlage Encode.

All devices come with security screws to prevent theft.

Because this is a product manufactured in the United States of America the Protect plans will not have an effect in South Africa, so users can only see live and not saved footage.

Ring security camera; important links and information

The official Ring website

The official South African Ring website can be used as a guide to their range of products and services but, they do not sell products directly. Purchases must be made via the retailers listed below.

Where you can buy a Ring security camera in South Africa

The following are authorised dealers of Ring security cameras: Builders, FNB, FTS Safety Group, HiFiCorp, Incredible Connection, iStore, Leroy Merlin, Togaah, Sadmon, Takealot, Vodacom, Clear Access, Cellucity, Miro and Tarsus.

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