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When thinking of a garage, many people consider the garage a parking for their car and a storage space for all things garage and everything else. People tend to overlook the benefits of a neat garage and how that plays an important role in safety as well as security.

Why burglars mostly enter through the garage

The main reason for entry through the garage in most burglaries comes down to the fact that there are three points of entry. These are the garage door, the window and the entrance door. Most houses have a garage on the furthest end of the home making it nearly impossible to hear when there is a break-in.

Considering the value of everything that is stored in the typical garage, making sure that your belongings are safe is as important as the rest of your home. A well-organised garage makes things easier for you and more difficult for any unwanted guest.

  • Storing tools and equipment away keeps them out of sight to would-be burglars.
  • Greatly limit access to equipment for potential criminals.
  • When installing security cameras, an organised garage will ensure an unobstructed view.
  • A clutter-free garage ensures safe parking for your vehicle.

Why is an organised garage necessary?

There are many things that contribute to people becoming victims of home invasions, burglary and, car theft in South Africa. The main reason is probably being an untidy and under-secured garage.

Considering that more often than not, burglars enter through the garage and once inside, find many useful tools to commit the crime with. Being organised and having things locked away decreases this risk.

The garage often becomes the dumping space for things that are no longer used, but not discarded. This can become a problem quickly as it results in a cluttered space that is no longer safe parking for your vehicle.

Being able to identify when things go missing in such chaos also becomes nearly impossible and burglars know this. Ensuring that your garage is organised is the first step to more security.

The Garage Guys have come up with a nifty solution for garage organization and increased security in the form of DIY garage shelves. They understand how important organising is and the solutions they offer will give you a more controlled space as well as decrease your risk of falling victim to residential crime.

They have a wide range of DIY garage shelves to choose from to make your garage less appealing to potential burglars. Tools and equipment that are neatly packed away are out of sight from the outside making you less likely to become a victim of burglary.

About The Garage Guys

The Garage Guys is a shelving solution company specialising in storage and shelving solutions to suit your needs. They offer a wide range of DIY garage shelves and solutions to make your spaces clutter-free.

They offer delivery and tracking nationwide and you will be happy to know that they have a team of experts that are ready with advice at any time. The company is committed to customer satisfaction and strives to bring great products and services always.

Offering fitment or DIY option

Offering installation services in Pretoria and Johannesburg, you can opt to have the professionals install your shelving or you can do it yourself. There are many useful tips and tricks on their website to ensure success, as well as instructional videos on shelving assembly.

Some of the organising solutions they offer include:

  • One to ten-bay DIY wooden shelves with 5 levels that are up to 2.7m high
  • Multi-purpose wooden workbench
  • Hook rails and a variety of different hooks to choose from
  • Work and tool bench station
  • Eco boxes
  • Golf lockers
  • Roof storage solutions
  • 3 Bay DIY wooden shelves

The Garage Guys have 3 size options available in the 3-bay category. They are 2.1m in height and 300mm deep, 2.4m in height and 400mm deep, and 2.7m in height and 500mm deep. Depending on the amount of storage you need, these are a great start to organising a few things. Keep in mind that each bay has 5 shelves and was designed to be fastened to the wall.

5 Bay DIY wooden shelves

seven bay woden shelves garage storage ideas

This option offers you that extra space you might need for storing items that are no longer used. For those who have more tools and use their garage as a workshop, the 5-bay DIY shelves offer extra space for tools and equipment.

All DIY shelving options come with all the required bolts and nuts to assemble. The cross braces for fastening to the wall are however sold separately.

Benefits of DIY garage shelves from the Garage Guys

  • These shelves offer super-easy assembly
  • It ensures a well-organized garage
  • They are easily fitted to any standard garage
  • You are left with a lot more floor space when everything is organised on the shelves
  • Easily and neatly store tools, equipment and boxes

Made with high-quality heat-treated pine wood, these DIY shelves are a durable solution to a very common problem. Each shelf is designed to hold up to 100kgs of weight, making it ideal for those heavy items that are hardly used.

The assembly is easy and well-explained and comes with additional instruction videos located on their website making it possible for anyone to accomplish success.

Useful tips and tricks for choosing and installing your DIY garage shelves

garage storage for ceilings

When deciding on which shelving to install, taking into consideration what you have and what you want to add in the future is a good idea. If for instance, you’re planning on converting your garage into a workshop, consider placement for storage as well as works space.

Planning before the time is essential. This will give you an exact idea of how many shelves you would need to purchase and what would be the optimal layout. Placing shelves further away from the garage door will also give you more security from those grab-and-go opportunists.

As soon as you’ve planned your layout and purchased the shelving you need, you’re ready, to begin with, the de-cluttering process. The ideal option would be to unpack the entire garage so that you can assemble your DIY garage shelves.

Once you’re done with the assembly, you’re ready to fit your shelves to the wall in the areas that you decided on. When your shelves are fastened to the wall, you can start organising.

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