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Is it time to give your garage a makeover? Transform your garage into a safe, pleasant space that’s security savvy with these ten garage storage ideas inspired by the Garage Guys.

Are you tired of struggling to get out of your car? Do you have a messy garage? Is your garage filled with things you no longer use or even need? 

Perhaps you now park your car outside, incurring higher insurance premiums and risking damage or theft of one of your biggest assets. Maybe you can’t find things when you need them. Besides the expense and inconvenience, an untidy, neglected garage can pose some serious risks.

Did you know that a messy garage is a security risk?

Thieves take note of what you have and come back later to steal it or use it during a housebreaking. Perpetrators often enter a property through the garage. Leaving things outside can attract criminals and help them get into your home, so just don’t take the risk.

A quick word on home security

Open garages can attract criminals who watch out for what you have and frequently enter the home through the garage area. By keeping your garage neat, criminals can’t see what you have and anything out of place will easily be noticed and serve as an early warning. And if the areas are cleared of clutter you can install security cameras. Being able to drive straight into your garage can also prevent hijackings. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Garage organisation will make your life simpler and easier, increasing your security. These tips will make it easier to keep your garage clean, safe and tidy and find those items when you need them.

Helpful storage products we recommend:

Garage storage ideas #1: Three-bay DIY wooden shelf

garage storage solutions 3 bay shelves

Why we love this: it’s ideal for garage storage. This sturdy unit is also suitable for warehouses, workshops, shops, offices, hotels, schools, and bedrooms.

Made from top-quality pine, shelves can hold up to 120kg. It can be painted or varnished according to your taste. Easy to assemble, installation is included if you live in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

Intended to be fastened to the wall for stability, it comes without cross braces, which can be purchased separately, if you want the unit to be freestanding. All nuts and bolts included. These shelves are modular and can be adapted to fit any space. Hygienic and will not bend or rust. If they break, replacement parts are readily available and easy to install.

Where to buy: Three-bay wooden shelves

Garage storage ideas #2: Seven-bay DIY wooden shelving 

seven bay woden shelves garage storage ideas

This is the exact same product as described above but, with seven bays you can install it against two walls in your garage and transform the space into storage heaven. 

Because of the unique design, the shelves can be installed to fit any size garage. You could have three bays against a back wall and another four against the side for maximum storage. 

These shelves are super stable and can be treated and painted to suit your design preferences. 

Where to buy: Seven-bay wooden shelves

Garage storage ideas #3: Flat bike hook

Keeps those expensive bicycles safe and out of the way. No bikes falling against your car, scratching it. This is space-saving and a good investment. It has multi-purpose, protruding hooks, allowing you to hang bulky items, such as ladders. If you add some pinkie or cup hooks you can keep your bike,

Your accessories and your helmet altogether. This item is made of mild steel and coated in metallic silver. Durable and hard-wearing. Intended to be wall-mounted at a comfortable height.

Where to buy: Bike hooks

Garage storage ideas #4: Multi-purpose wooden workbench

wooden work bench

This can be used in the garage, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Can hold up to 120kg per shelf. It can be used as a workbench, or shoe rack, or rather move the shelves to make room for a chair, like a desk.

Or else add a barstool, fridge, and drinks cabinet. The possibilities are endless. It’s easily assembled and can be oiled, varnished, or painted as you prefer.

Why we love it: Suitable for pop-up stores or merchants. Canvas covers for the front are available. So useful you might want more than 1!

Where to buy: Wooden workbench

Garage storage ideas #5: Pine wood wine rack

Now, a wine rack may be the last thing you want to think about when it comes to garage storage ideas but, if you don’t have a bar and have boxes of collector items lying around, this is exactly what you need. 

Not only will you save a ton of space and secure your collection but it looks great and if paired with the wooden shelves will make for a stunning garage makeover. 

Why we love it: you can neatly store your wine collection. This item stores between 140-210 bottles. It’s hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Where to buy: Wine racks

Garage storage ideas #6: Tinker bay work and tool bench station

pegboard for garage storage

The tinker table comes with a pegboard backing, allowing you to store tools and other items.

Why we love it: it’s ideal for garage workshops and crafting arrears, perfect for DIY enthusiasts and crafters. This item ensures that you can keep your tools neatly and find them at a glance. 

For security try to position the station so that your tools are not visible from the outside or the street (if you can see into your home from the street).

Where to buy: Pegboard tinker bay station

Garage storage ideas #7: The starter kit hook set

garage storage tracks and hooks

This is designed with garage organisation in mind and will enhance any space. It can be used to hang tools, clothing, kids’ satchels, or sports equipment.

The perfect combination to start with as it can grow with you- as additional hooks can be added to suit your needs. The set consists of 2×600 medium tracks, 2 single hooks, and 2 cup hooks. All hook components are made of mild steel and the track is galvanised and then treated with metallic silver

Why do we love this? It’s a great way to start your garage organisation system, which you can then add to. This can be installed near the door, so kids can hang up their school bags for easy access as they enter the house, for example.

Where to buy: garage hook set

Garage storage ideas #8: 65 and 25-litre plastic containers

container garage guys

Garage Guys also sells a range of plastic storage containers that you can utile to store everything from tools, and sports equipment to shoes and personal items. They sell 65-litre and 25-litre containers that are made from recycled materials.

These are ideal to make use of if you’re planning on purchasing and using the wooden shelving sold by the Garage Guys. This will ensure that your tools and other items are not visible and stored neatly for easy retrieval. 

Where to buy: 65-litre containers and 25-litre containers 

Garage storage ideas #9: Wooden ceiling storage 

garage storage for ceilings

This is one of our favourite products because it allows you to maximise your garage space and conceal valuables, thus increasing security. If you can see your garage from the street, this is the ideal solution. Since these are installed on your garage ceiling, items may be hidden from view.

This garage storage idea is certainly my favourite and, don’t let the wood fool you. It can take a decent amount of weight but can only be installed onto solid ceilings. 

Garage storage ideas #10: Ladder hooks 

Ladders left outdoors or lying around pose a serious security issue. Many opportunistic criminals will use ladders to get onto roofs and balconies and break in. That’s why the last item on this list, ladder hooks, is a must for any organised garage. 

They’re easy to install with screws and can hold not only ladders but a range of tools and equipment. Storing ladders and equipment against a wall will save a lot of space and ensure your items are well looked after. 

You will also more readily notice should anything be out of place or should your ladder go missing. 

Where to buy: ladder hooks 

Top safety and security tips for your garage organisation project

  • Windows: you might want to frost or block windows with curtains or blinds to foil the prying eyes of burglars.
  • Automate your garage door: This will greatly increase your security as you will not have to get out of your car to open the garage. When you manually open the door you are at risk and so are your home and vehicle.
  • Don’t leave your remote in your car: it’s the first place perpetrators will look if they do break into your car. Keep your garage door opener on your house keys which stay with you or in your house.
  • Consider motion detector lights: These will deter criminals and warn you that you have an intruder and you can quickly act.
  • Always remember to lock the door: Have a solid lock fitted. Even if intruders do get into your garage they at least may not enter your home.

Potential hazards of a messy garage:

  1. Falling: Over 30% of injuries happen from slipping or falling around untidy garages. This can be caused by poorly lit steps, tripping over wires or cords or oil spills on the floor. Make sure lighting is sufficient by having it rewired and always use the highest watt light bulb. Consider a portable lamp for poorly lit areas and put reflective tape on the edges of steps and stairs.
  2. Poisoning: People often store hazardous substances in the garage such as thinners, oil, weedkillers, pesticides, rat poison, varnishes, and paints. Always keep these in the original container and safely in a locked cabinet.
  3. Carbon Monoxide: Ensure the garage is well-ventilated. Do not run car engines or generators within 20m of doors or windows.
  4. Fire or electric shock: Worn cables are a fire or shock hazard. Always use outdoor extension leads. And store them securely. And again, keep flammable substances safely stored in sealed containers. Consider investing in fire detectors and a fire extinguisher.
  5. Sharp implements: Always keep cutting and drilling tools stored away safely, away from children, and safe from criminals. Garage organisation should be a priority in all safety-conscious homes.

Lookout for Garage Guys specials 

The Garage Guys often run online specials and, depending on when you’re looking, may find exceptional discounts available. You can contact their advisors at any time for help and they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

We think you’ll agree that organising your garage will take a load off your mind and free up space you didn’t know you had. Not only a spring cleaning but you can save money spent on storage and the potential increase in security is priceless. Security cameras can now be added and maybe an additional lock on the door.

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